You see the word sustainability everywhere these days but what does sustainability exactly mean? For us, it means having a business that generates profit while improving societal and environmental conditions. Below you find some examples of what we do to keep beautiful Gili Air green and clean.

Drone shot of Gili Air - One of the Gili Islands in Indonesia
Palm Trees on Gili Air, one of the three Gili Islands in Indonesia

Keeping it natural

  • We make our own homemade organic cleaning products.

  • All our guests receive a bamboo straw upon arrival.

  • We use LED light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

  • All flower arrangements in your room are handpicked from our own garden.

  • We use natural sunlight for drying our laundry.

  • We change your sheets only every 3rd day or upon on your request.

  • Our toilet bags and bin bags are made out of cassava and are 100% biodegradable.

  • We use natural essential oil spray for room freshener.

  • We offer free drinking water to all our guests.

  • We reuse / recycle / compost.

  • We don’t offer palm oil in our shared kitchen – we love Orangutans and want their home to stay intact.

  • We ask our suppliers to deliver our items in a carton box without having them wrapped in plastic.

  • We are proudly took the pledge of the Travels Against Plastic Campaign.
Travels Against Plastic Badge

Supporting the local community

Our amazing staff is from Lombok, Bali, and Flores. We hired our boys based on their willingness to learn, not upon experience. Some of them had no experience and didn’t even speak English when they started working for us. It is truly amazing to see them grow and develop their skills.

All of them receive a salary above the recommended Government wage and they receive a bonus salary twice a year. We also made sure all of them have a bank account, health insurance, and are building up a pension.

How to support the local community of Indonesia
photoshoot in front of elephant ears
How to support your staff and keep them happy
Best place to stay on Gili Air in Indonesia
Tropical plants in Indonesia

Every person has a unique talent

Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us and hold our hands when we do our first steps. To encourage them they all receive a personal present on their anniversary:

Ivan would like to become a dive guide one day and show people the magical underwater world. Rose took him for his first dive. Not sure whose smile was bigger at the end of the day….

It is Dan his dream to travel the world and with a little bit of our help he has already been to Singapore, Bali, and Malaysia and hopefully this year we can add Thailand to the list.

When we asked Burhan about his dream he didn’t had to think twice: he wanted to become a chef so what would be a better present than his first kitchen knife set.

To help Pudja to become the best Subwing guide in the world we gave him a free diving course for his anniversary and nowadays he makes up his own Subwing tricks.

We made Hendra his dream come true by buying him his own guitar. Now he can make music whenever and wherever he wants. If you have the chance to visit our little paradise, I’m sure he will play your favorite song for you.  

Our lovely Jack is soon becoming a father and it was his dream to create a beautiful baby room for his little girl. It was our pleasure to help him to realize that dream.

Six unique boys with six unique dreams. We count our self incredibly lucky that we can give our boys the tools and the experience to pursue their goals.

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