Our little paradise

Our dream was to create a unique place on a tropical island. A place where every room is unique and designed with love. The beds of our villas were made out recycled boat wood, in the bathrooms you would find handmade ceramic tiles, each room had unique pieces of art on the wall and of course we made sure you’re sheets & towels felt like small pieces of heaven. Together with our wonderful boys we would make sure your stay with us would turn into fun and memorable memory. 

In less than a minute everything changed

Our home and all our villa’s got destroyed by a 7.0 earthquake on the 5th of the August 2018. When you feel the ferocity of Mother Earth trying to bring you to your knees and having to run out of your house and away from trees fearing that your house is about to fall on you, there are so many, too many emotions to feel. Where do you run when the earth is what you are running from? One minute is all it took to change everything that we worked so incredible hard for in the last 3 years.

What feels like the end is often the beginning

What happened was a tragic anomaly but we are determined to rebuild our little paradise and come back better and stronger than ever. With the help of our friends, family and complete strangers we raised enough money to keep providing a salary for our boys during the time we are closed. 

We are incredible sad that we have to say goodbye to the Old Villa Nangka but we closed the door to the past and opened the door to our future. Because with every ending, something new comes along. And with every great ending, comes an even greater beginning.

Every day that passes by we are one step closer of reopening Villa Nangka. We invite you to join us on our journey. It will be a long process that requires perseverance, strength of character, and most of all: heart. To know that we are not alone and we have you cheering for us until we reach the finish line of this marathon is priceless. It’s time to leave behind what we know and believe something even better will be waiting for us. We will re-open the doors of our little paradise in August 2019. We can’t wait to meet you then!

Below a little taste of our little paradise before the earthquake… 

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