How One Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day

We all have those days where even getting out of bed seems like an effort, you feel physically exhausted, emotionally drained and you probably have woken up with zero motivation to start your day. Today was such a day for me. But it all changed by receiving this one single message via Airbnb:

Hi Rose & Andreas,

I just stumbled upon your profile while looking for a place to stay in Germany and what can I say … I am absolutely impressed. This place looks even more beautiful than it has before and all those little details make me remember every happy hour we spent under the Nangka tree.

I think of you both nearly every day, the love and magic you shared with us and the way you made us instantly feel at home is still outstanding. I can’t imagine all the things you have probably been through in the last couple of months but I have to say that I have never met anyone as believing in their dreams as you do!

You didn’t give up. And you didn’t just build a new place to rent out, you created a sacred and loving place for people to feel safe and at home, you have a great talent for making this place look and feel so peaceful and magical I can’t tell you how special you and your team are for me.

I still carry your business card with me wherever I go, it has been with me for over two years now and I am not planning on leaving it behind. It says: “What day is it? >It’s today, my favorite day.<” and it lifts me out of every bad mood and every bad day I have, because it reminds me of how sacred every single day actually is.

Thank you again, Rose and Andreas, for providing this world with your energy and love and for sharing your place with anyone who needs a little relaxation. Especially with the Corona virus everyone needs this kind of hope and support.

We send you lots of love and hugs from Germany and are looking forward to seeing you again and to meeting your little one in the future. Stay safe and healthy!

All the best,
Falko and Sarah ♡

When I finished reading the message I had tears in my eyes… I was seen. I was heard. I was recognized. I was acknowledged. This beautiful message was exactly what I needed on this ‘bad’ day.

It Should Come As No Surprise

Think about the last time somebody said something nice to you, out of the blue. Stop, close your eyes, and recall that moment. Perhaps it was a loved one. Perhaps it was a colleague. Perhaps it was a perfect stranger. Regardless of who offered those kind words, it likely inspired a transformational shift in how you were feeling, even if just a little bit.

Sometimes we think that to make a difference we have to do something big. But just the opposite is true. It’s in all of our little actions that determine the state of the world. We need to realize our words have great power and an effect on people’s life. We should start giving compliments to those who inspire us, no matter how big or small that inspiration might be. We should make kindness part of your lifestyle.

So let’s start a compliment revolution by giving out (at least) one compliment a day. Who’s in?

Love Rose

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