The roof of the headquarters of our beloved Gili Shark Conservation Project is now completely gone. I have so much respect for our boys and our workers. Demolishing a building like this is not easy, especially not if you have to do it in this extreme heat. It’s a very interesting process to watch and every day I’m learning something new.

Looking back at the last two months, I’ve been learning a lot. About natural disasters, construction sides, demolishing teams, crowdfunding campaigns, humanity and last but definitely not least about myself. The earthquake thought me to be a person that is not afraid of being vulnerable. To be someone who’s brave enough to ask for help to carry the weight of the world with me.

To be a person who is not ashamed of being broken. Someone who admits and accepts that she needs time to heal and that’s okay. And most important of all: the earthquake thought me to embrace the sadness and the agony of being broken. To let all the emotions in and accept that these emotions are also a part of my life. My crazy beautiful life.

Love Rose

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