I’ve got something really exciting to share with you: Wendy (a super cool Dutch Magazine) asked me if I would be interested to share our Project CINLOC adventures with their readers and…. of course I said yes!

When I started writing daily updates after the earthquake I could have never imagined that it would turn into a (little) job. It’s the first time in my life I share my life so publicly. My feelings, my thoughts, my dreams, my tears, my world.

Thank you for encouraging me to dream BIG!

A big thank you to all the people who encouraged me to keep on writing and to dream big. I remember the first message I received saying “I love reading your posts, you inspire me and I’m sure you will inspire many others. You should consider publishing them”.  I thought it was an incredible sweet thing to say and it made feel warm inside and I didn’t believe a single word of it. But many similar messages followed. After receiving all these words of encouragement the little girl inside me got curious and asked herself; “Would all this people maybe be right? Beside my friends and family, would there be anyone else interested in reading my story?”  

The power of visualizing

I started dreaming and visualizing. In my dreams I saw my story on the cover of a magazine, I saw myself having a coffee with a journalist of a newspaper and one day I even saw my book cover. And while I was busy daydreaming I started to hear this little voice in my head” What are you doing? Do you really think you are a writer? Why would people be interested in reading your story?”

When you think of a big goal or dream that you want to achieve, it’s natural to think of all of the obstacles that will come your way. The problem is far too often we allow these obstacles to become so big in our minds that it inhibits us from moving forward. Luckily I managed to switch off all the voices in my head and to keep on dreaming. And it worked! In the last month…

I did an interview with The Salt Sirens, we got featured in the Jakarta Post, Project Aware wrote an article about us and the cherry on the cake: I become a blogger for Wendy!

Go and chase your dreams!

The older I get, the more I start to enjoy this “dream big thing”. I archived things in life that I never thought would be possible. Every time one of my dreams comes true, it encourages me to dream even bigger the next time. So here I am, dreaming big: Wendy is only the beginning, in a few years you will find my book in the little bookstore around the corner of your house.

So here is my message to you: go and chase your dreams! No matter how big they are, you deserve them. They are made for you. Go and chase your dreams because I love to witness you prove that nothing is impossible.

Love Rose

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