My skin is tanned and my smile is bright. But my chest is heavy and it feels like a whale is sitting on top of my heart. Even in the sunshine my mind is sometimes still full of thunder. They say silent people tend to have the loudest minds.

This week was a week full of emotions. I did an interview with a Dutch magazine and one of their questions was: “last summer there was a big earthquake close to the Gili Islands, could you tell me a little more about this?”. As soon as I heard the question I got a lump in my throat and I could feel the tears in my eyes. My emotions caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting them at all! Where was this coming from? I haven’t even been thinking of the earthquake lately.

The day after the interview there was another event that brought back several emotions; a 5.7 earthquake close to Gili Meno. At first I didn’t want to share this with you. The Gili Islands are slowly getting back on their feet and the last thing we need is that people stop visiting our little paradise islands because they are scared. After long consideration I decided to write about it. 

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you the following:

I’ve been living in Indonesia for almost six years. In these six years I’ve experienced more earthquakes than I can count on my fingers. It’s something that is part of living on this side of the world and I’ve never been scared or worried about them and I’m still not! Yes it does bring back a lot of emotions in me when I get reminded of the 5th of august but I still think Gili Air is the most beautiful place in the world.

Before the 5th of August we always laughed when an earthquake happened and saw it as funny little interruption of our daily lives. Now when an earthquake happens I still laugh most of the time and I guess you will do the same when you would be here.Don’t get me wrong, of course there have been earthquakes after the 5th of August that made me cry but please understand that my tears had absolutely nothing to do with the strength of the earthquake and all with the state of my mind and the experience I carry inside me. I’ve been crying after a 3.1 earthquake and slept through a 5.8.

Earthquakes will keep happening in all countries that are situated in the Ring of Fire. The good thing is that the changes are quite small another big one will hit us. And if it does we know exactly what to do ; -) So please don’t be scared or spread scary rumors and come visit Wonderful Gili Air.

Trust me when I say you can really make the difference!

I’m not saying this for me as it will make no difference for me and my Sunshine. Our business will continue to be closed for a long long time. I’m saying this for all my local and western friends that have a business on the Gili Islands and are trying really really hard to keep their head above the water.

Trust me when I say: your visit can make the difference if someone can pay the salaries to their staff or the rent of their shop at the end of this month. The best Xmas gift you can give to the victims of the earthquake is to eat the delicious food in their restaurants, sleep in their beautiful accommodations or book some fun activities like diving or snorkeling. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Please SHARE if you agree…

Love Rose

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