I love projects! I especially love to start new projects. There is just something magical about creating something new out of nothing. Today it’s one year ago that we – together with our amazing team – started our Plastic Free Paradise Project.

It was my dream to create a campaign that would focus on maintaining the beauty of our home, & implement sustainable solutions for the development of the Gili Air. I wanted to give something back to the island that gave so much to me and create a plastic free paradise for the generations to come.

Plastic Free Paradise Campaign

Our #PlasticFreeParadise campaign is a wholehearted project that we’re keep building up with new ideas. I firmly believe that all these little differences put together will lead us to a better life quality, better environment and better future.

I am honored to be able to help the next generation and to be able to make a little difference in this world. Never underestimate the small gesture, the small act, the small initiative. Remember little by little a little becomes a lot!

Curious what our PlasticFreeParadise campaign is all about and what we achieved in one year? Read more about it here.  Can’t wait to see what the upcoming year will bring!

Love Rose

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