Today it’s exactly 50 days ago that a 7.0 devastating earthquake hit Lombok and the Gili Islands. Fifty days where I felt every emotion that a person can possible feel. Fifty days where I was confronted by a million questions that pushed me to find important answers. Fifty days filled with love from my family, friends and complete strangers.

You were there when I was at my absolute worst and needed someone to pick me up off the floor where I’ve been laying because I’ve felt like I couldn’t get up on my own. I’ve never experienced a love as big as in the last fifty days. A love that is so powerful and true that you can’t escape it. Thank you for everyone that reached out to us. Sometimes one little message is all you need to put your one foot in front of the other.

Sometimes endings force you to find new beginnings

The last fifty days has also been a slow and painful process of saying a bittersweet goodbye. Every day that passes by another piece of the Old Villa Nangka disappears. But it’s okay, I accepted what happened and right now I’m breathing in the hope for tomorrow. Today is day #50 and I can feel that today is the perfect day to turn the page and start writing the chapter of the New Villa Nangka. Because with every ending, something new comes along. And with every great ending, comes an even greater beginning.

Let me introduce to you project CINLOC

We are had a meeting with an architect from Jakarta to discuss the future of Villa Nangka. At one point she asked me: “Where did you and your Sunshine meet each other?” I pointed out the big Nangka tree in the middle of our property and said with a smile on my face: “We met right here.” She started laughing and said: “CINLOC!” I looked at her confused as I never heard of this word before. She started to explain it: “The word ‘Cinta’ means love in Bahasa Indonesia and the word ‘Locasi’ means location. When you put these two words together you get ‘Cinloc’ which literally means ‘love on location’.” I immediately fell in love with this words and we decided to call the rebuilding of our little paradise project CINLOC.

Join us on our journey

Today I draw a line. Instead of counting the days after the earthquake I will start counting the days of project CINLOC. Every day that passes by we are one step closer of reopening Villa Nangka. I invite you to join us on our journey. It will be a long process that requires perseverance, strength of character, and most of all: heart. To know that we are not alone and we have you cheering for us until we reach the finish line of this marathon is priceless. It’s time to leave behind what we know and believe something even better will be waiting for us. And although that ‘something’ is not entirely clear at this point I’m sure we are going to achieve it.

Love Rose

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