In the past four weeks we have been visiting the school every Saturday. We focus on trauma healing and natural disaster education to the children of our Club Harapan. We sang their favorite songs, did different relaxation / breathing exercises and danced like no one was watching. Furthermore we organized a hugging contest, made drawings with them of their beautiful island and spent time on positive self-talk (“you are so brave & strong, you are a true earthquake hero”).

The kids are very happy to go back to school. Which doesn’t surprise me. It’s much more fun playing with your friends than sitting at ‘home’. I would say 95% of them are in very good spirits however 5% of them is still much traumatized.

Do what you love most

And while I watch the children laugh and play I wonder: when did we decide that it was OK to put up with things that don’t make us insanely happy? Since when did it become acceptable to just settle? Children spend their days doing what they love most, and they do it with passion. They play their hearts out on the soccer field and in the playground. They spend their time with the people they truly love. A child does not waste their time on things that don’t make them feel truly happy inside. They find those specific things or people who really make their hearts skip, and they love that with all their might. I can learn so much from them.

Welcome back to school celebration

We asked the structural engineer that we hired to check the buildings from Villa Nangka to check the school as well. His opinion was quickly formed and exactly what we are hoping for: “There are a few minor cracks but the classrooms are safe.” Unfortunately, our activities are still inside in a tent as the children are too scared of being inside a classroom. To let them feel that their school is a fun and safe place we needed to do something. We started planning our “Welcome Back to School Celebration”. An event from students, by students, and for the students.

Kids are naturally inclined to do what’s fun. Sometimes as adults life gets a little hectic and we take ourselves way too seriously. Let go and remember that life is meant to enjoy. It is meant to love and it is our lifelong goal to be as happy as we possibly can.

Love Rose

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