Can you believe that a few months ago there was a beautiful two storey villa standing here? Now it’s almost completely gone. Were once used to be the living room is now just earth. I can finally see the ground were we will start rebuilding our dream. It feels like a giant step.

‘Step by step, one foot in front of the other’. It became my mantra in the last months. No one can successfully build anything of great significance if you don’t recognize that your dreams are simply the final result of tiny efforts strung together. Your life is a masterpiece being created with the events that happen day after day.

A Tuesday usually just feels like a Tuesday, or a Wednesday a Wednesday. We consider most days to be single, ordinary days of the week. Yet each day added together creates an entire life. What we accomplish is a direct result of what we do with ordinary days. Those who accomplish extraordinary things aren’t more exceptional than anyone else. The difference is that they make small strides each day.

I wish you all a great ordinary Wednesday!

Love Rose

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