From the time I was a child, I wanted to do everything all on my own. “I’ll do it,” was my constant refrain, pushing away helping hands and generous offers with my young, eager fingers.

But here’s the thing about looking at life in this light: the illusion of complete independence breaks down at some point. Because when you’re younger, you think you’re doing it all alone, but you aren’t. Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time but most likely either your parents, or your neighbors, or your classmates, or your siblings were helping you and watching over you.

A perfect example of amazing teamwork

I think it’s important that you learn the skill teamwork from a young age. Because it’s important in the adult world. Because it’s necessary. Because it’s a skill that you need in order to survive. You scoff those words off as a child. But the older you get, the more you realize just how true they are.

It’s not within our human nature to be capable of tackling every problem, every situation, and every dilemma we come across entirely on our own. It doesn’t matter how strong, smart, capable, confident or successful you are. We need each other. We were built to work together, to struggle together, and to help each other move toward solutions and come out on the other side united.

The last two days are the perfect example of amazing teamwork. Together, as one community, we cleaned approximately 11.000 kg of rubbish! Gili Air has never been more beautiful and I’m incredible proud to call this magical island my home.

Love Rose

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