When a big natural disaster happens hits a small island a lot of things stop working. Luckily by now we have almost everything up and running again. The whole island has electricity, we have fresh water and more than 70% – 80% of the businesses are open again.

One of the things that still needed to take care off was the rubbish. For a while there was no trash collection and it got to the point where it got really bad. Imagine how bad the smell gets when trash has been standing in the sun for 4 or 5 weeks. Together with our staff we have been doing several clean ups and although we live on a small island, 10 pair of hands was by far not enough to take care of all the rubbish. Something had to be done.

Yesterday there was a meeting with the head of the 3 islands. He promised us that he will help us with organizing the boats to bring the rubbish to the mainland if we could help him with the manpower. We started spreading the word and messaging our friends. Slowly slowly the ball started rolling and by the end of the day 18 businesses signed up to help.

The biggest clean up in the history of Gili Air

This morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would all those 18 businesses that promised to come and help actually rock up? When I arrived at the trash dump with my boys I couldn’t believe my eyes; there were people coming from everywhere! All with gloves on their hands and big smiles on their faces.

I have seen the word #gilistrong more than a thousand times in the last weeks but this morning I could feel it! More than 200 people got together this morning to start cleaning the rubbish. In a bit over 2 hours we removed 700 bags of rubbish which equals around 6000 kg!! It took two boats to transport it all to Lombok. It was more than amazing to see EVERYONE working together to keep our beautiful island clean. We made a great start this morning but the job is not done yet. That’s why we do it again tomorrow!

Your life is your message to the world make sure its inspiring

I believe you can change the world by being kind to everyone you encounter, regardless of their skin color, race, religious beliefs and social or economic status. You change the world by doing the right thing and being yourself. You change the world by standing tall in what you believe in and supporting that cause. You do what is right, you don’t act with violence or out of anger, and you act with kindness and with love in your heart.

You change the world by dedicating time to find out who you are and what you believe in. Do what is best for you, don’t be influenced by other’s decisions, find your thing and make your mark. Do not let the world change you. Do not allow anyone to change how you feel. Do not become hard. Treasure your softness. It’s what makes you incredible.

Love Rose

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