What do you do when some of your friends don’t feel comfortable sharing their problems with you anymore? Because their problems are nothing compared to your problems. Because what’s happening in their life is in no comparison what’s happening in your life.

I realize we live in an age of competition and comparison but we need to stop comparing our problems. My problems are not more or less important than your problems. The truth is, we are all on completely separate journeys. Our destinations are entirely different, and entirely independently beautiful.

Yes the last 3 months were really tough but there were also many beautiful moments. It was not only misery, grief and sadness. And yes there were days where I felt as useless as the letter L in lasagna. But there were also the days were I felt I was on top of the world.

I want to know it all

When you are my friend, I want to know how you are feeling. I want to know what made you happy and what made you sad. I want to know every little detail of the stories that are important for you. I want to know all about your annoying colleague, your children chicken pox, your horrible date and the fight you had with your sister.

So please keep sharing your life with me. The good things and the bad stuff. Don’t compare it to my life. Don’t think your problems are not important compared to my problems. Don’t think your bad days don’t count anymore. Don’t think I’m too busy to be there for you.

I am still here, I am still me. And when everyone tells you you’re crazy, I will still stand firmly by your side, and reassure you that your thoughts are one of a kind.

Love Rose

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