Who would have thought that taking a house apart would almost take as much time as building one? We started taking down our Villa’s six weeks ago.They are almost finished taking down our house and then there is only one villa left; the headquarters of the Gili Shark Conservation Project.

Which means ‘soonish’ we will have a clean canvas and we can start a brand new painting. The beauty in starting over is that it helps you to find the blessings in endings. It helps you to find the good in goodbyes and the magic that lies beyond your comfort zone. Now I know we can start over and we can still live a life we’re proud of, a life that excites us and a life that inspires us.

The first glimpse of the New Villa Nangka

We received the first raw sketches from our architect and we are absolutely in love with the design! At the moment they are still adjusting the sketches, but as soon as we have the final drawings of the new Villa Nangka we will share them with you. It’s a great feeling to turn pain into power and to dream about the future again. It’s great to know that pain doesn’t last forever and even scars will fade over time.

There were so many days in the last 3 months where I didn’t even want to get out of bed. Days were I just kept repeating to myself; “Don’t think about the future, don’t even think about tomorrow, and just get through this day. Step by step, one foot in front of the other.” Now (on most days) I’m excited to make new plans, and I tell myself every day that one day we will open the Villa Nangka which we are dreaming of today. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll open something much greater than that.

Love Rose

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