This morning our beloved and crazy chicken Alice passed away. Alice walked into Villa Nangka around three years ago. And decided to stay. Alice was not just an ordinary chicken. She was blind on one eye and we all thought she was immortal. She disappeared for a little bit after the earthquake but rocked up again a few weeks after, looking absolutely disgusting, pretending like nothing ever happened.

Alice didn’t want to be friends with any of the other chickens. Instead she liked spending her days chilling in her baruga. The baruga that actual belongs to our boys but Alice kicked them out.

On some days Alice behaved like a puppy and started running after us because she wanted to play. On other days she behaved like a little kitten, hiding underneath the pillows with just her head in the sun and spinning. And although we joked a lot that we would eat Alice for Christmas, we all were secretly a bit in love with her.

Thank you Alice, for being such a weird special creature that always made everyone smile.

Love Rose

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