Another nice surprise knocked on our doors. We got our first reservation! Don’t really know how this could have happened as we are still in the process of taking our buildings down. We also didn’t decided yet how the new Villa Nangka should look like. And we don’t even know when we will be able to open the doors of our little paradise again.

But to someone out there in this crazy beautiful world all of this doesn’t matter. Can you believe this? The message of this special person touched me on many levels and I would love to share it with you:

Dear Rose,

We don’t know each other, though it seems to me as if I know you. Every day I read your updates on how your beautiful island is recovering. You are such a beautiful writer. You are so honest and positive. And you are so brave to share the story of your pregnancy and your miscarriage. Unfortunate I know how it feels, before I got my two beautiful sons I also had 2 miscarriages.

Actually, we were supposed to know each other by now. You see, we had a reservation to stay with you last week. I already pictured it in my head a thousand times. We would sit on the boat towards Gili Air day dreaming about your little paradise. From the harbor we would walk to the heart of the island to search for Villa Nangka. You would welcome us with your warm smile and would give us a tour around the island. Our suns would run through your tropical garden and enjoy the swimming pool. And after six days of sun, sea and a lot of sand we would say that Villa Nangka is the most beautiful spot where we have ever been. But unfortunate all of that didn’t happen.

Can we agree on something? Can we agree that we will meet each other one day in your little paradise? Hereby my official reservation request to stay with you as soon as you open your doors again.

Warm greetings, Annelies

It’s the messages from our friends, family and complete strangers that time after time puts a smile on our faces and gave us the energy to stay strong and positive. Please keep SHARING our journey. To feel the support of so many people is a feeling I can’t even describe. But I can tell you this: it’s absolutely priceless!

Love Rose

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