No earthquake, no tsunami and the world didn’t end ; – ). The craziest rumors went around Lombok and the Gili Island the last days. Many people got incredible scared and flee into the hills. I’m so happy and grateful that Sunday the 26th of August passed by as an ordinary Sunday.

Hopefully this will give people the courage to come back to the island and slowly start rebuilding their life. Although I love to have the whole beach for myself, it would be nice to see my friends again and enjoy our beautiful Paradise together.

We slept inside! 

Our traditional bungalow has severe damage but might be our only building that we can repair. Today we started cleaning it and creating a home for whenever we are ready to sleep inside again. It felt so good to make a start with moving all the rubble and to clean all the dust. We put fresh sheets on the bed, fresh flowers on the table and sprinkled some love around. If you would squint your eyes, ignore all the cracks and the broken glass, it’s almost like nothing happened.

We decided to try to have a little nap inside and…. it worked! I slept like a Rose for almost 2 hours. I never thought there would come a moment in my life where I would get so excited about a nap but here it is; I’m singing and dancing and can’t stop smiling. I slept inside and I wasn’t even scared!

I am so happy, I feel like I could fly

Villa Nangka is located next to H20 Yoga Center. John (the owner) just dropped by and told me with me a big smile on his face: we are back! First yoga class is Thursday at 9 AM and is for free for whoever wants to join. And last but definite not least: my good friend Pascal arrived on the island today. I am so happy, I feel like I could fly!

Love Rose

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