Although everything is happening according to plan, I can’t help it that on some days I wake up slightly panicked. A thousand questions shoot through my head like falling stars; will we finish the building on time? Will people like the design of the new Villa Nangka? Will we be able to create the same magical vibe in our little paradise as before the earthquake? When would be the right time to move to Bali so I’m close to a hospital? Which hospital is the best in Bali? Would my Sunshine be able to come with me when I move to Bali or will we be separated?

A tiny nuclear bomb goes off in the corner of my head. I take a deep breath and remind myself that everything will work out. It always does. I tell myself to have faith. For me, faith is an admittance that neither I nor any other human being or entity is completely in control of all the things that go on around me.

My faith has never failed me

Our world is comprised of so many unknowns, obstacles, phases of rejection, acceptance, and criticism. There are far too many things that are left unknown and taken to chance. Things that are broken and flawed. There’s considerable suffering, pain, and self-doubt. But the good news? It’s only temporary. Because if there is anything that is certain in this constantly evolving world, it’s that having a little faith will get you through it all. Having a little faith will open that door for your comeback.

My faith has never failed me. In the scorecard of life, I may have lost more than I’ve won in all the things that I’ve attempted. But I have always felt like a victor when challenges have come to pass. Because even when I have lost something I worked hard for, and suffered through, and believed in my heart of hearts that I would get, I have found that what was prepared for me was something much greater than I could have imagined. Faith has allowed me to see things clearly, even on the days that I wake up with a head full of shooting stars.

Love Rose

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