Another big step is made. We got a new house! I can’t even start to describe how happy and grateful I am. I was so fed up with moving our stuff around all the time. First we moved from our house to our camp in the field next door, where we lived for almost a month. When the earth finally stopped shaking and we weren’t that scared anymore we moved into our traditional bungalow. And now 10 weeks after the earthquake… we finally moved to a new house!

Waking up every day in Villa Nangka, or whatever was left of it, was not easy. There were no days off, no escape and no privacy. Today I went ‘home’ in my lunch break, what an awesome feeling! In the last weeks I was longing to a place that I could call home again. A place where we could start creating new memories. A place where I could hide when nothing else makes sense. A place where I would feel safe and where everything has a fixed place.

A ‘home’ is wherever you make it

I learned that home is neither a place nor a time period. Home is a story that we tell ourselves about what’s safe. About what we can rely on. Home is a collection of memories that comfort us. It isn’t about the walls that were built around you, but about how you felt within them. What made you laugh and cry, what created your foundation, who molded you into who you are

A home is wherever you make it, wherever you go, wherever you decide to lay your burdens, your dreams, your wandering thoughts. A home is where you find pieces of yourself, pieces you didn’t even realize were lost. And you discover yourself, again and again and again. I’m am very happy I found our new home

Love Rose

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