We received our first booking request! Not from a friend or a family member, but from a real person that we’ve never met before. After I’ve read the email three times to make sure I understood it right, I get up and do a little I-am-so-happy-I-can’t-stop-moving-dance. Another small step in the right direction.

If everything goes according to plan we will finish building in June 2019. But we all know that nothing ever goes according to plan, so we decided to only take bookings from the 1st of August and onwards. (If you would like to stay with us in our little paradise? Just follow this link or send us a message at info@andreasz1.sg-host.com.

Counting down, while living in the moment

We finished with the foundation of the kitchen and by the beginning of next week, the foundation of the new headquarters of the Gili Shark Conservation Project will be done. Our contractor in Bali already started to prepare all the bamboo so once it’s here they can immediately start with putting everything together.

It’s so exciting to see our dream slowly getting back to life and I really can’t wait to welcome our first guests again. But I try to keep living in the moment. I’ve learned that happiness is not a future event circled on the calendar. Happiness is a state of being, the peace and joy in the moment. And the current moment is all there is.

Love Rose

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