When we bought our little piece of paradise on Gili Air we wanted more than just owing a little boutique hotel. We wanted to use this opportunity to give something back to this island that gave so much to us.

I believe that each and every one of us has a responsibility to help children explore the nature around them, to find out about environments far away, to understand and embrace the need to care about and for it all. It’s often been said during the climate change debate that action needs to be taken now, in order to help the next generation adapt and survive.

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve seen the change in the behavior of the children that join our conservation classes. From the boy that runs around in the village picking up plastic bottles to the girl who proudly tells the cashier at the supermarket she doesn’t need a plastic bag because she got a tote bag from us.

Pay It Forward

Children are born curious. They are interested and excited to know about the natural world and what happens in it. Using their natural curiosity and love of animals is a great way to teach kids about conservation.

If kids don’t feel connected to their environment, they won’t have a desire to protect it. That why we took the children on a little field expedition last weekend; snorkeling at Han’s Reef. We showed them how lucky they are to live on an island which is surround by beautiful tropical reefs. And what they can do to protect it, so future generations will also be able to enjoy incredible wild animals like sea turtles and sharks.

We only have one Earth, and if we don’t take care of it, terrible things will happen. Use the curiosity of the children to give them the tools to protect it.

Love Rose

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