I’m now part of a secret group that knows the truth about one the best hidden secrets in the world: that glowing woman who lovingly rubs her belly as she flawlessly glides around her home and effortlessly completes day-to-day tasks? Yeah, she doesn’t exist.

But luckily the first trimester is over and I’m finally enjoy eating something else than toast with peanut butter. When I think back to the moment I first found out I was pregnant, I was overcome with emotion and overwhelmed with an intense feeling of love. In that moment upon finding out that you’re pregnant, everything changes in an instant moment. I became a mother, my sunshine became a father, a life is in the earliest stages of creation, and all is set in stone.

My body is doing something incredible and for that I can’t help but think of my own mama and every other mother that has ever experienced creating life. We really are superheroes. We really do it all. And we kick ass while doing so.

Love Rose

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