It’s happening! We officially started building last Monday! There are people walking around Villa Nangka measuring things, moving things and doing building things. I couldn’t be happier!

It was a long way just to get to this point and we still have a long way to go, but for now the most important thing is that we are moving. I would like to say again how incredible thankful we are for all the support we received from the moment the earthquake happened till today. We couldn’t have don’t it without all of you!

Please never underestimate the power of sending your loved ones or a total stranger a simple message as “I believe in you” or “I’m thinking of you”. For us, this were the messages that gave us the strength en the energy to get up every morning to rebuild our dream.

What would we do without our dreams?

We live in a world that keeps saying that dreams are just that, dreams, fantasies that will never come true. What a bullshit! What would we do without our dreams?

When you think of a big goal or dream that you want to achieve, it’s natural to think of all of the obstacles that will come your way. The problem is far too often we allow these obstacles to become so big in our minds that it inhibits us from moving forward.

Goals are part of our life. They can be as small as “I will drink eight glasses of water a day” or big like “I will start my own business in two months”. They give us purpose and they become guiding idea in our daily life.

The power of visualization

The more detailed you visualize your goals, better the chance you’ll have to achieve it. By that, I mean not only the end result but the obstacles and sacrifices that come along the way. Picture how you are going to feel and what you will do once your goal has been reached. The more vivid and real you get, the stronger effect it will have. Have you ever heard about a successful entrepreneur who did not believe in himself or his vision? Neither did I. If you don’t believe in what you visualize, chances are that you are not going to achieve your goals.

So…. Do you have a dream? Good. Now whisper it. Repeat it softly. Let it roll lightly off your tongue, then catch it in your palms. Keep it warm. Now throw your dream. Throw it high into the sky. Throw it with the strength of your heartbeat. And let me know what happens.

Love Rose

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