These days we are counting two things: the days of project CINLOC and the weeks of my pregnancy. If it would be a competition project CINLOC would be definitely on the winning hand. But the funny things is that both ‘projects’ have the same due date: 1 August 2019.

So far this is what I learned about being pregnant: You need to pee 5 times a night. Everything tastes like rotting seaweed. Your boobs inflate like Kim Kardashian lips. You can really, really smell things (who knew the world was so full of smells?) Your fatigue is sometimes overwhelming you can’t think anymore (turns out growing a tiny human being takes a lot of energy). The baby glow thing really exist. Nausea is the worst (whoever named it “morning sickness” was a real idiot because it lasts all day, every day and it is the most all-consuming, terrible feeling). Your boyfriend turns into a real gentleman. Every day you discover at least 10 new things you didn’t know about having a baby but for some weird reason everyone around you does.

And this is what I learned about building a new boutique hotel on a tropical island so far :

You need to let go of the old to design something new. Designing your own tiles is a lot of fun! Things take a lot longer than planned. You don’t have to agree on everything, agree to disagree works as well. Taking a building down takes almost the same time as building one. If you wait for things to be perfect to take a chance, then you’ll be waiting forever. Sometimes the beauty of trying is that, even if all the odds are against you, it can still turn into something beautiful. Finding a reliable and honest contractor in Indonesia is very difficult. Seeing your dream slowly come back to live is an amazing feeling.

I can’t wait to see the development of these two magical projects over the next months. Keep you posted!

Love Rose

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