If it happens on social media it’s really happening! With proud I introduce you to the team of project CINLOC*.

At the moment everything looks like a big fat mess, and yeah, it often feels like things might crash and burn at any moment. But I realized there’s a hidden beauty in the ugly duckling phase; I need to accept that the messy beginning phase of project CINLOC is necessary (or even mandatory). Every project I did in my life started out with a hideous mess of disjointed ideas, thoughts, sketches, and assumptions and I guess project CINLOC will not be any different.

As soon as I realized this I’m able to look at it from a completely different angle. Now I can embrace the ugly phase, and I’m trying to use it to my advantage to create without criticism or judgment.

The start of a big project likes this means making changes quickly and without hesitation. It means throwing away hours of work that no longer serve the greater good of our project. And it wasn’t until I made the big shift in how I defined the success of project CINLOC that I began to understand and embrace that my ugly ducklings could quickly become majestic and powerful mallards!

Love Rose

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